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Etc.: My Fifteen Minutes
06/17/1998 My Fifteen Minutes: Surrounded by Memory

A brief interview with me appeared on local CBS affiliate KDKA's 5:00 news hour. It was part of Brenda Waters' On a Positive Note segment on this year's Aliquippa Embraces Art festival. I was interviewed about my audio installation there, "Surrounded by Memory," which I talk more about on the Music Production page.

I was reminded of one of the Doonesbury cartoons from the 80s: one of the minor characters sang on the "We Are the World" charity single. After several strips leading up to his big moment, he sings his part: the word the. It's interesting: the piece was on for just a few seconds; I was on for only a few seconds more, just describing the piece--the descriptions of the interviews themselves were all that was aired, no mention of the music. There's no way the whole interview could be used; it's just interesting what they selected and what they cut. It's also nice to get some exposure, brief though it may be.

A friend later told me I looked "disgustingly healthy" in the interview.