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Etc.: My Fifteen Minutes
11/14/2001 My Fifteen Minutes: Disturbing Coincidences

From June 2001 until late September/early October 2001, I was doing solo electronic improv performances under the name Toxic Spores. Obviously, that was a problematic name to continue to use after some bonehead started sending anthrax through the mail. So I opted to change the name, and the news editor of the local CityPaper did a brief sidebar story on it. I did get a decent quotation in (about how the name "didn't really mean too much...and then it started meaning way too much"). A few days later I met somebody who'd actually read the article, but hadn't known me or known anything about the performances.

These days I'm using Stoic Sex Pro as a performance name. The sharp of eye may notice that it's an anagram of Toxic Spores.