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Etc.: My Fifteen Minutes
10/07/2001 My Fifteen Minutes: Gettin' the War on

I ended up on local TV again. My wife and I were both interviewed by local WTAE, as a feature on person-in-the-street reaction to the just-announced bombing of Afghanistan. ("To what we didn't know about until just a couple seconds ago? Sure, lemme be really inarticulate on local TV.") My take was basically that I hoped our intelligence was good enough that we weren't killing noncombatants, but that the people who attacked us had to expect a response. ("I hope our intelligence is good enough that we know what we're aiming at and not just dropping bombs randomly.") They ended up using quite a lot of my comments, which I remember as being quite disjointed and incoherent. My wife spoke a lot better, but they didn't use her comments, for some reason. (While on actual viewing my segment wasn't quite as inarticulate as I remember, it wasn't my ideal.) Conversely, friends seemed to like it.

Bonus tie-in: this occurred just down the street from my Squirrel Hill Bookstore MITS interview.