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09/01/2016 Resume

Work Experience

Lead Software Architect, Identified Technologies. May 2015 to present. At Identified, I've been architecting and building out the company's primary API (with Node.js/Sails.js), database (PostgreSQL), and two frontend UIs (React/Redux and an older Ember UI), both of which included significant integrations with Mapbox-gl and Google Maps (particularly their drawing and rendering tools), and websocket connections for rapid delivery of volumetric analysis. I've also worked to define requirements, collaborated with the team to set priorities and improve processes, and mentored junior team members.

Senior Software Engineer, The Efficiency Network. July 2013 to May 2015. I rewrote the company's mobile data collection app in Sencha Touch (JS/HTML5 compiled to a native iOS app with Cordova), and in eight months brought this JS/HTML5 version to feature-parity with the previous iOS version (including several asked-for upgrades), which had taken four previous Objective-C developers two years. Prior to that, I re-architected the company's Node-based API to use clearer structures in its data store and Neo4j (instead of Allegrograph). I improved the API design with more intuitive URIs and worked dynamically with other team members to replace the current infrastructure in dramatically less time than it took to create the initial codebase. Technologies used: Node.js/express.js, Neo4j/Cypher, MongoDB, mongoose.js, Redis, MySQL.

Developer, Net Minds Corporation (Pasadena, remote), May 2012 to May 2013. Looking for a chance to branch out in new technologies, I joined the early-stage startup Net Minds to help build out its app/service. Responsibilities included building a web-based RESTful JSON API in Node.js (using express) with a MongoDB database (with a mongoose.js interface), and Redis for storing sessions. The product needed to interface with third party APIs for user authentication (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Google+, github), Stripe's API for payment processing, DocuSign's API for document signing (although we also tested several other providers), and I worked toward interfacing with Balanced Payments' API, continuing development of the node-balanced npm on a forked github repo. I took over some server administration duties, including managing AWS EC2 instances, configuring Haproxy to deliver our CORS-compliant API over SSL. I participated in planning and strategy meetings, designed database schemas (in MySQL) and pseudo-schemas (in mongoose for MongoDB, which is ordinarily schemaless), and interfaced with the front-end development team, who were building an Ember.js app to handle user interaction and asset presentation in the browser. Task management was trending toward agile methods with the help of PivotalTracker, and we managed several simultaneous code branches in git.

Interactive Developer, Wall-to-Wall Studios, Inc., April 2011 to May 2012. Responsible for browser-side and server-side development of websites, primarily in PHP MVC frameworks such as the in-house WWCMS, though also CMSs such as WordPress. The WWCMS leveraged some helper applications written in Ruby on Rails, and we used Capistrano for deployment. Also responsible for front-end implementation of designs in HTML5, CSS3, and dynamic interaction in JavaScript (usually leveraging jQuery). Requirements included participation during the design process to determine feasibility, recommending approaches and solutions, interfacing with designers to bring to the web the company's advanced, inspiring creative and design sensibility. Notable sites included Burgatory (PHP/MySQL/CSS/JS on Wordpress), Forbes Management (PHP/MySQL/CSS/JS on WWCMS), and Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (PHP/MySQL/CSS/JS on WWCMS).

Lead Web Developer, Actual Size Creative, January 2009 to March 2011. Responsible for taking web projects through the full development cycle, from setting requirements and capabilities with customers, recommending technologies, approaches, and solutions, planning database structure, setting development milestones, and coordinating members of the development team, as well as coding, testing, problem solving, and launching projects. I worked mostly in PHP, MySQL, and MVC programming frameworks such as CodeIgniter. I coded Facebook and Twitter apps for user authentication and one-stop posting, and worked with other APIs like PayPal. There was a fair amount of front-end work as well, in JavaScript/AJAX, JQuery, Prototype, Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. I handled version control with Subversion, Git, and Mercurial. I've also worked with off-the-shelf CMSs such as Drupal and Wordpress. Notable web development projects include Family Resources of Pennsylvania, TrueHockey.com, AskListenLearn.com, and ThisIsActualSize.com.

Freelance Web Developer and Consultant, May 1996 to Present. Responsible for programming, design, and production of WWW sites, including front-ends, commerce functions, Flash animations, and administrative interfaces for content and product management. Clients have included SomaliaReport.com, PollPosition.com, IraqSlogger.com (featuring a multi-author and multi-editor workflow with check-in/check-out and recurring subscriptions), Infocast Inc. (featuring dynamic microsite generation), Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Sequitur, onezeromusic.com (featuring Bitpass micropayments, until Bitpass was closed), Washington Mutual Home Loans Marketing, Washington Mutual BFS Marketing, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Emerge Communication, Emerge Health, Sozoliving, Dickie Walker, Menninger Care Systems, Turner Martin, the Environmental Defense Fund, the University of Arizona International Campus, Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc., the Smithsonian Institute, Carnegie Mellon Research Institute Photography and Graphic Services (consulted on CMRI Website construction), the Internet Chess Club, and others. For a list of sites I've developed, click here; for a list of WWW sites I've designed, click here. Currently, I'm developing in Node.js/MongoDB, and also PHP/MySQL.

Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant, researching and rewriting internal corporate communications for clients, reworking documents for clarity, more consistent voice, and more consistent organization. My most recent client was Chalk Creek Software, Inc., for whom I wrote a series of marketing materials. Prior to that project, I rewrote Human Resources documents for Washington Mutual's Consumer Bank division, explaining the benefits and compensation structure of all incentive-based positions within Financial Centers.

Freelance Graphic Designer, Software Trainer, and Writer, May 1986 to Present. Responsible for design, writing, proofreading, and production of catalogs, promotional brochures, newsletters and other publications. Clients have included onezeromusic.com, Washington Mutual Consumer Bank, Washington Mutual Home Loans the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Production Systems Technologies, Inc., the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, Black Box Corporation, Westinghouse Science and Technology Center, HealthAmerica, the University of Pittsburgh Press, and many other organizations and individuals.

Director, Creative & Technical Production, GreenMarketplace.com, July 1999 to August 2000. Responsible for design and implementation of two iterations of the GreenMarketplace.com website, an ecommerce site devoted to natural and healthy products. I also designed banners for use by affiliates and in various advertising campaigns, as well as logos for business cards, the business plan, signage, brochures, and other uses. Beginning in September 1999, I devoted more of my time to technical issues and directing technical staff, building an inventory system, a fulfillment system, a membership system, an automatic reordering system, a gift registry, and more. I built the software engine behind Network For Change, an online community-building and content-building tool. These systems were built in WebDNA, an HTML preprocessing template language. I served an additional function as the troubleshooter for advanced graphics, HTML, WebDNA, and MacOS issues. (As of late 2002, these sites are no longer online.)

Creative Director of the EnviroLink Network, January 1996 to November 1998. Responsible for design and construction of WWW sites, graphical elements, and promotional materials, designing and maintaining the look and feel of the site, and managing and training design staff and interns. Most of my work required a thorough knowledge of HTML, Adobe Photoshop (with an emphasis on designing for the Web), UserLand Frontier, Macromedia Fireworks, Equilibrium DeBabelizer, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator, and other packages. Also responsible for contributing writing and editing to promotional materials, grant proposals, and research publications.

Freelance Staff Trainer for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, August 1995 to Spring 1998, training faculty and staff in current electronic publishing software and basic to advanced computer skills.

Computer Instructor for the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, Summer 1992 to Summer 1999, teaching word processing, file management, and general computing skills to students from grade school through high school age as part of the Project's Young Writers Institute.

Writing Instructor, English Department, University of Pittsburgh. Responsible for a full professor's class load: developing curriculum, planning the syllabus, conducting class, and assigning work and final grades for daytime and evening sections of General Writing, an introductory composition course, and for Introduction to Creative Writing classes.

Curriculum Vitae

Invited to install site-specific audio work at the first annual Deep Listening Conference at EMPAC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY in July 2013.

Installation of site-specific audio work Impulse at the third NOISE event in Pittsburgh, April 2013. The piece involved four channels of room microphones, each independently pitch-shifted, with all parameters set to random values within ranges at random intervals, and sent back out to the room in quad.

Installation of site-specific audio work Wave Space at Cleveland Ohio's 2011 Ingenuity Festival. The piece was set to the resonant frequency of the room it was in.

Installation of two audio works (Tell Ya One Thing and its remix "Tell Ya Another") in the Cabaret Xcen*trick show at the South Bend Regional Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana, October to November 2002.

Reinstallation of "Surrounded by Memory," at the Three Rivers Arts Festival gallery, September 15, 1998 to October 12, 1998.

Awarded project grant from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts for the creation of "Surrounded by Memory," an audio environment of music and recorded speech installed at the 1998 Aliquippa Embraces Arts festival.

Awarded project grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Interdisciplinary program, for the creation of Use, a dynamic web-based art project during 1997-1998.

Paper on Global Information Sharing Using the Internet presented at the National Academy of Sciences 1997 Industrial Ecology Workshop, and published in the conference anthology.

Aliquippa Embraces Arts: Music/sound/speech audio environment installed at the 1997 festival.

Interactive digital performance piece included in the Winter 1997 issue of the electronic book review at http://www.electronicbookreview.com/ (see ebr6).

Designer as Author: Voices and Visions, Northern Kentucky University, February and March, 1996. Interactive text/graphics project displayed in curated exhibition.

Three Rivers Arts Festival, 1990 to 1993. Photographs accepted and displayed.

Graduate Teaching Scholarship, English Department, University of Pittsburgh.

Graduate Record Exam, Scored in top 1% in Verbal and top 8% in Quantitative portions of the exam.

Chancellor's Undergraduate Merit Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh. Awarded a four-year, full-tuition and room and board academic merit scholarship, the highest-level undergraduate scholarship offered by the University.


Master of Fine Arts in English, University of Pittsburgh, 1993. Specialization in Writing with a cumulative 3.71/4.0 GPA.

Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Pittsburgh, 1988. Specialization in Writing with Music, Economics, and Psychology minors, and Engineering background. Graduated cum laude with a 3.82 GPA.

Software Expertise

Node.js, express framework for Node, MongoDB, mongoose, Redis, Haproxy, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, regular expressions, BBEdit, git, HTML5, CSS3, less.css, Canvas, and many other languages, standards, and packages.


I also play a variety of musical instruments as a solo performer and with an ensemble, and am proficient with many common audio recording and soundtracking techniques and technologies, including programming in Pure Data and recording and editing on the fly with Ableton Live.