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Web Design

I design Websites, print projects, logos, you name it. These days I'm mostly coding, but I do keep some design projects going. Some of them are listed below.

08/06/2006 Band Flyers: Grey Skies Fallen, NYC

Here's a return to print design: I've done some flyers recently for NYC metal band Grey Skies Fallen. I was working with bassist Mary Saragoussi, who was great, and I was able to give them a fairly quick turnaround, all working remotely. (The end products were .jpgs and .pdfs which they handed off to a quick printer.)

01/03/2006 Development and Design: ACME Payment Systems Corp.

This project for ACME Payment Systems Corp. was a quick one I did over the holidays, for a startup in the Seattle area. They had a tight deadline and needed design as well as development, so I skipped the Photoshop stage and did the design in straight CSS, which sped things along much more quickly. We went through a lot of little changes during the review process, and here again CSS helped a lot. Driving everything is the latest version of my usual PHP/mySQL content management system, this time with a few enhancements to the administrative area, which makes managing the site a lot easier. (When I get a chance, I'm going to port all that back to this site and onezero music.)

01/03/2006 Logo & Identity

As part of the ACME Payment Systems Corp. project, I also did logo and identity work for them. I went through a number of potential candidates before we settled on the staggered design you see here, and some of these also-rans were pretty good. Once again, I used one of my favorite typefaces, Ultramagnetic (though I really liked the District family in some of the concept pieces). While I did feel a strong pull to a few very different concepts, we went with this one due to its visual connection to ACME's business, where the others were more generic.

04/09/2005 Development and Design: ItalianLosAngeles.org

The Italian Los Angeles site is now up, and it's getting good reviews from visitors. This was both a design project and a development project for me, and was a good one to work on. From a design point of view, it was nice to be able to work on something clean and minimalistic, but which also had some nice visuals. It was important to leave a lot of room for expansion as well, and not lock the organization in to a box that wouldn't grow.

On the programming side, there are plenty of interesting features, most notably a flexible, multi-level hierarchy for organizing content. Not only did I have to make that work on the front end of the site, but I also had to develop an understandable, easy to use interface for the site's content administrator. This was more work, but ultimately more up-front work saves time in the long term, for the people who actually use the system. In addition, I developed a shorthand tagging system for images and links, so that the client would not have to deal with HTML any more complex than style tags. Some other interesting features of this site: the dynamic calendar, the search engine (which returns results with the correct hierarchy in the links), and a form allowing visitors to submit resources to the site, as well as a backend system that requires all submissions to be approved by administrators.

03/11/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

I'm in the middle of two additional rounds of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc., again working with the Tajima Creative Group team. This batch had a number of very interesting transitions that didn't last through the final client sign-off, something which seems to happen somewhat frequently with animations. The ones going up will still have some niceties with text flying in and other transitions, but a few fades and morphs I rather liked will have to wait for another project.

01/23/2005 Development and Design: Life In Balance website

In and among several other projects that are still in progress, I found some time to build this site for local trance music lumninaries Life In Balance. While the basic design is clean and minimal, there's a lot of programming complexity under the surface, though, to give them the power to maintain and organize their own content using the most recent generation of my CMS including such conveniences as adding links, images, and mp3s without their needing to know HTML. I've also added an interesting guest book script. Notable development activity: lots of GREP searching to get their content (particularly guestbook content) out of their former site's hardcoded pages, an Applescript that converts their Word-written content into Web-safe form, automatic archiving of newsletters, and the installation of a mailing list manager.

01/05/2005 Animation: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Saul Steinberg banner

A short-notice project, I was asked to do an animated .gif (that's stepping back a bit) to promote the new "HNA" book celebrating Saul Steinberg's work for the New Yorker. While the banner can be seen on the New Yorker site, it appears that it went through at least a few more stages of editing before approval--my initial banner had the Steinberg character drawing himself in, which the finished banner doesn't do. While it seems to be a pattern with a lot of these things that the interesting features get pulled before the piece gets the final sign-off, this was still a fun one to do.

12/08/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Dynamic presentation for Airwave

For the last several days, I've been working quite intensely with the Tajima Creative Group team on developing a large Flash presentation for Airwave. We were animating a number of screenshots with an eye toward readability, syncing motion and scene changes to an audio soundtrack, and since others were working on the .fla as well, we we had a lot of material to keep organized. An interesting project, and the client was quite happy with it as well.

10/31/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

I've now done several more rounds of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc., again working with the Tajima Creative Group team. I'm still working from Illustrator files and animating them by generating transitions, fades, tweening, and tweaking the Actionscript codebase I developed. Apparently many of these are up on Washington Mutual, Inc.'s site, so have a look around.

08/17/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional in-house video animations for Washington Mutual

I spent an intense week working on several large-scale animations for Washington Mutual, Inc., which aren't to go on their site at all--they're going on video monitors in the various bank branches. They're much larger files than what I've been doing for download, and they're at 30 frames per second. If you happen to be in a branch, take a look around for them.

05/20/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

Lately I've been doing a number of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc. as part of the Tajima Creative Group team. I've been taking the approved storyboards and animating them, generating the transitions, fades, moving things around the stage, and creating Actionscript code that gets dynamic information from the server that hosts the .swfs. Pretty interesting, and it's really sharpened up my animation chops. More info when they're online, but I'm in the middle of the second batch of these, and it's fun.

01/16/2004 Logo & Identity: onezero music

In addition to design and development of the onezero music site, I did the logo and identity. Unusually, there wasn't any iterative process with this one--the typeface, logo design, color scheme, everything just appeared to me quite suddenly. And it's a look that people like a lot, which chalks up one for being intuitive. This is the logo design where I finally admit my fondness and nostalgia for high Modernism and the International Style.

01/16/2004 Development and Design: onezero music

onezero musicI've officially launched my latest project, onezero music, a site selling downloadable music files. I did all the design--both the site design and graphics, and the logo and identity. One night I was coming up with names for the site, and when I found that onezeromusic.com was available, I registered it. The logo and overall design came to me in a flash, and I stayed up late fleshing out the design. Various server issues with my old hosting service led me to find a new host which offered enough disk space and bandwidth that I could make this site happen.
onezero musicThe code is all PHP/mySQL, and the commerce is optimized for micropayments through BitPass. BitPass is an "instant payment" system--you see an item, and buy it--which doesn't use shopping carts. Since I have a great shopping cart coded, however, I'll be bringing a parallel system online soon for those people who like shopping carts. (It is a really good cart.) I began development in early December 2003, finishing in January 2004. While many sites are selling downloadable music these days, the onezero music pricing model is more affordable and (to me, anyway) makes a lot more sense. The site features electronica, ambient music, improv, rock, and will ultimately feature a lot more. Head on over and check it out. Maybe you'll find something you like.

08/15/2003 Flash/Actionscript: Flash application for Washington Mutual promotional CD

Tajima Creative Group asked me to join the Flash team for this project, primarily to contribute financial calculators and advanced functionality to an interactive survey. To do this, I had to get up to speed rather quickly on Flash MX; fortunately, Actionscript is nearly isomorphic with Javascript...except for the complete absence of the Document Object Model, and I/O being handled by Flash objects. Despite some proprietary Flash quirkiness, and my having to complete a fair amount of work while I was on tour, we were able to finish the project successfully within the deadline. (Props to Aaron and Mark, who handled many of the other Flash duties on this, particularly the animated transitions.)

06/23/2003 Band Flyers

Last night when I was putting together a flyer for an upcoming show, I realized that I'm actually doing a lot of design these days. Take a look at the flyers below, and also the CD covers over on Music Production.

04/07/2003 Band Flyers: Pulse/RePulse

I'm involved in the Pulse/RePulse performance series of electronic music at Kiva Han coffeeshop, and did these flyers for the first and second runs. I like the logo I came up with for Pulse--it's simple and elemental enough that it still retains its identity in the distressed RePulse version. The yellow and white vertical line on RePulse is actually an inverted toner deposit from a jammed fax machine (a less magnified version forms the black horizontal line); the schematic in the background is an old Memory Man schematic. HotCards did a beautiful job with the printing, and turned them around quickly at a very low rate. I recommend them highly.

09/20/2002 Development and Design: Trek-Nepal.com

Trek-Nepal is up, an information site for a family-owned trekking company in--you guessed it--Nepal. I designed this one as well as doing the PHP/mySQL development. I took the opportunity to make more of my codebase object-oriented, and I introduced a few interesting tricks. In particular, I'm pleased with a REGEXP search that determines which images should be on the page, and puts thumbnails in the sidebar with links to the appropriate larger images. So take a look, and if you're interested in a custom Nepalese tour with a great deal of personal attention, drop them a line. Friends of mine have traveled with them, and recommend them highly.

05/22/2002 Band Flyers: The Stem Cell Liberation Front

As we continue to play out, we're stepping up our promotional activities. To this end, I designed a couple flyers for handing out, so we can distribute information about upcoming shows. I particularly like the Constructivist flavor of this piece.

03/29/2002 CD Covers: The Stem Cell Liberation Front

In burning a CDR of our first rehearsal for Ryan, I was sufficiently excited about the band to do up an insert for the jewel case. It's simple, but I really like the type.

03/16/2002 Logo & Identity: Washington Mutual

Here was a quick little project, coming up with a graphic for Washington Mutual's internal site. Neither the wrench nor the bolt actually exist; I built them entirely in Photoshop. The colors are desaturated to fit with the already existing design of their internal page.