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Music Consumption: Joel R.L. Phelps
09/30/1998 Joel R.L. Phelps

Just picked up a bunch of CDs: "3" by Joel Phelps: the Downer Trio. Absolutely essential listening. Full of space, mystery, and intense healing, the way American music should be. It's what you should put on when your soul's just sick with worry, fatigue, and misery--or at least when you're aware of this as a possibility. (I'm not saying this is the state I'm in, but I can definitely see how it would help.) And it works even if that isn't your frame of mind. I'll note that there is a detectable country influence here--an honest late-20th-century post-slowcore kind of country. A few weeks ago, I was listening to WRCT and happened to hear "Hope's Hit," which grabbed me until I could buy it. A mere couple of mouse clicks stand between you and this powerful music.