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Music Consumption: Pere Ubu
06/23/1998 Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania

Still listening to "Pennsylvania". I was going to list favorite tunes, but when I do that, I end up listing all of them. They're all stuck in my head, on a rotation depending on mood and whatever other factors dictate these things. Let yourself in for the same pleasure by buying it.

It's interesting--when I check out the lyrics on the Ubu Projex web site, they aren't as evocative as the whole of the music and the lyrics together. And when I look at lyrics from their older songs, songs I know well and have had in my head for years, find that I often have the lyrics wrong. I also find that I prefer the mishearings, maybe because they've become familiar and have grown associations I'm not willing to give up. An example might be found in the lyrics for The Modern Dance, specifically "Over My Head." It's an intensely haunting song, and the line "This will pass, and this will, too" is one I'd always heard as a much more desolate "then she says, 'I miss me, too.'" Well, seems desolate to me.