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Music Consumption: Ed's Redeeming Qualities
06/17/1998 Ed's Redeeming Qualities: At the Fish & Game Club

Listening to At the Fish & Game Club, the last release of the fine, smart, bitter, and sad alternative folk band Ed's Redeeming Qualities. If you haven't heard them, repent now and check them out. (You can by clicking on the "Fish and Game" link back there. I know that CDNow stocks their stuff.) I highly recommend The Big Grapefruit Clean-Up Job, and the others as well. The most recent two might be a good introduction to the band, but all the releases have their classics. I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of their first 7" EP, which Metro Music had in stock. It contains the classic "My Apartment," which doesn't describe the apartment I'm in now, but could apply to any number of apartments I've had. It's hilarious.

Sadly, the band broke up a few years back. But the music lives on. And Carrie Bradley is fronting a new band, 100-Watt Smile.