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Music Consumption: Don Caballero
05/27/1998 Don Caballero: For Respect

One pleasure I haven't had in a while is listening to the mighty Don Caballero, an instrumental band from this very city. I loaned out my copy of their first full-length release, For Respect, and just got it back.

The pieces on this recording still have a verse-chorus-verse structure, which they've moved from. "Well Built Road," for one example, is alternately hard-hitting and expansive and delicate. Can a rock band do that?

Drummer Damon Che is, for my entertainment dollar, one of the best drummers around. I'd describe him as a post-punk Elvin Jones, if you can imagine such a thing. (If you've heard Coltrane's quartet's live recordings, you can.)

Word from their Web site is they're releasing another full-length CD (and vinyl? we can only hope) in June. Their music lives in the terra incognita between math rock and avant jazz. If you haven't heard them, now's your chance.