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Music Consumption: D'Gary
05/12/1998 D'Gary

Also started listening again to D'Gary's Malagasy Guitar.

D'Gary's playing is absolutely beautiful, and his technique is amazing. He's from Madagascar, and he developed his guitar playing (six-string acoustic) by adapting songs and techniques from a traditional Malagasy instrument, the name of which I forget. (Another fine example of cross-pollination!) There are songs on this recording that have the unique power of making you homesick, particularly the second song, "Betepotepo." I'd noticed this effect myself and in other listeners--who hadn't known that "Betepotepo" is, in fact, about homesickness, longing for the life in a small village. Is this an example of music as an actual universal language? You tell me.

In any event, if you're interested in guitar playing, acoustic music, or music from nonwestern cultures (world music, as opposed to "world beat") then you owe it to yourself to check this out.