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Music Consumption: Chris Butler
02/02/2002 Chris Butler: The Museum of Me

Most recently (and because I've been wanting to have content with an 02/02/02 datestamp) I should point out that I've been greatly enjoying .mp3s of Chris Butler's The Museum of Me project, in which he has recorded songs using various antique audio gear like Edison wax cylinder, wire recorder, and paper tape. What might seem like a mere gimmick is actually a delight--these are really good songs, and the artifacts of the recording media only enhance their charm. Check out "The Man in the Razor Suit," for instance, and try to get it out of your head afterwards--impossible. As well as being intensely catchy, the song's lyrics feature wordplay that is well worth scrutinizing. Or try not to sing along to "Thinkin' About Them Girls," a period piece mixing wax cylinder and digital multitrack to great effect (and a classic tune, as well). The others, "Hole in the Sky" and "Swamp Boy," are excellent as well. Keep an eye out for this one when it's released.

I should note that Chris's site is another exquisite design by the great Keith Allison, Web designer of fine sites for Richard Lloyd, Bibi Farber, and the Television tribute sites that can be found here and here, among others.