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Music Consumption: Richard Thompson
06/02/2001 Richard Thompson: live

An outdoor concert. In the rain. And the audience didn't move during the set. Very impressive! (RT, in response to some shouted requests: "No, we're going to save the popular ones until it really pisses down." And later: "Thank you. You're all very kind...and very damp." ) Admittedly, we did abandon our position to stand under the bridge behind the stage toward the end of the show, so we couldn't see him anymore, but we could hear just fine. I'm not familiar enough with his ouvre to know the names of all the tunes, but "'52 Black Vincent" and "Persuasion" were in the set, along with the Kenny G one, which was much applauded. The size of the audience was surprising given the downpour--some really loyal fans. While I've gotten more familiar with his early electric work, he's developed those mighty fingerpicking chops that the uninitiated might mistake for an overdub...until he does it live with nobody else onstage. Jawdropping, but also intensely tuneful. Highly, highly recommended.