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Music Consumption: Alex Chilton
09/26/2001 Alex Chilton: live

He was in fine form, pulling from the history of rock 'n' roll (doing an Ernie K-Doe tune), lounge ("Volaré"), R&B ("Precious, Precious"), some unexpected covers (Michael Jackson's "Rock with You"--I'm not kidding), and fine versions of "In the Street" and "When My Baby's Beside Me." Quite an inventive guitarist, and his voice is in great shape, too. He was, apparently, in a good mood, and it was indeed a fine evening.

There were shouts for "O My Soul," which Alex ignored. (Full disclosure: while I didn't shout out any Big Star requests, at one point my wife and I shouted a request for "Tea for Two," because it seemed as though it would fit. He didn't play it, though.) He did, it must be pointed out, do "What's Your Sign, Girl," which a friend (and Chilton fan) had warned me about, and which at the time seemed like a wrong move. Taste being what it is (highly mutable), it has since kind of grown on me.

Highly recommended.