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Music Consumption: Big Star
06/05/2001 Big Star: Sister Lovers/Third

I have to agree with friends of mine who point out that this one's a downer, but man, what a beautiful downer! While I love the power pop of the first one, and a lot of the tunes from the second, I'm listening a lot to "Kizza Me" (when the trashy/sleazy fuzz guitar kicks in after the chorus, it's totally right, and dig that out of sync, schizophrenic doubletracking on the vocal!), "Thank You Friends" (as cynical as the song is, I still love the way the backing vocals sound, and there's a fine radio-friendly guitar solo), "Stroke It, Noel" (achingly beautiful), "For You" (sucker that I am for classic melodic pop with good strings--the chorus is exactly what it should be), and "Nighttime," which is a downer, but has such a moving, gorgeous lap steel guitar and deep plate reverb that I feel elated anyway. There's that "Femme Fatale" cover also, the weirdness of "Kangaroo," the desperation of "Dana".... Damn, it's a good record, and it gets a lot of play around here, let me tell you.