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Music Consumption: godspeed you black emperor!
12/15/2000 godspeed you black emperor!: lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

I can't stop listening to this. Definitely a top 10 from 2000. I think my favorite sections appear on the second disc--"Broken Windows, Locks of Love" and "Antennas to Heaven," which are both the most nakedly emotional (and redemptive!) parts of this work. They only have their full power, however, in the context of the rest of discs. After all that, "Broken Windows, Locks of Love" (which starts something like 14 minutes into the first track on disc 2), is heartbreaking. It's an assertion of individual triumph even as the world says you've been defeated. It affirms the continued existence of a personal soul even as western science tells you there's no spiritual realm, and nothing awaiting you after death. It's a wordless "Howl" of victory in spite of all evidence to the contrary for our generation. Get with it.