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Music Consumption: Silkworm
12/15/2000 Silkworm: Lifestyle

Yet another best-of-2000. The first three tunes, "Contempt," "Slave Wages," and "Treat the New Guy Right" (this last with a harmony vocal by Heather Whinna) are perfect. Distancing yet inviting, sarcastic yet heartbreaking. The next three aren't quite up to the stellar heights of those first, but with "That's Entertainment," the disc comes back with a vengeance. From there on out, prepared to get laid out flat. Cohen's tunes are great, Midgett's are great, as well, and the Small Faces cover "Ooh La La" slows down the tune to give it the mournful reflection such a lyric deserves. Compared to this cover, the original is a good idea poorly fleshed out. The Silkworm version is a full-grown adult, ready to kick your ass if you don't get it. Midgett's rockin' "Raging Bull" and "Dead Air" are two tunes that should be on radios everywhere, particularly the latter. What a song! Euphoric, downtrodden, abusive, and rocking, it will do more to your head than a full night of drinking.