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Music Consumption: Nick Drake
10/16/2000 Nick Drake: Fruit Tree

OK, so I have the black hornrims and the Nick Drake set. Feel free to leave now. I really don't care if "Pink Moon" was in a car commercial--these are great, emotially rich tunes. Some faves: "Time Has Told Me" (sort of a theme song for this fall...), "River Man" (gorgeous, moving, haunting orchestral pop), "Saturday's Sun" (great melody), "Hazy Jane II"--love the open-tuning on the guitar and the peppy horn-based orchestration... And there's more: what they say about Bryter Layter being a perfect album, well...they're damn close to right. Perfect voice, rich melodies, wrenching lyrics that pack a lifetime of sadness--without self-pity--into a few minutes. Check out John Cale's contributions on viola, piano, and celeste (the latter two on the great "Northern Sky"). Check out the three instrumentals--beautiful. Pink Moon was an achievement as well, for such a short disc. In retrospect, it's easy to imagine that you can hear the despair overtake him, but there's some amazing power in here, too. "Place to Be" lays me out flat, and "Parasite" is an astonishing self-criticism, and yet, there's the ray of, well, something at the end, in the disc closer "The Morning." "Sad" is far too weak a word for the fact that his story ends the way it does.