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Music Consumption: godspeed you black emperor!
10/08/2000 godspeed you black emperor!: live

godspeed you black emperor! live! A very good crowd turned out for this one. My big mistake was coming a bit late, because I missed much of Comae's set--an electronics duo of Robert Hampson (ex-Main) and turntable guy Janek Schaefer. They were very impressive. Great sparse, sculptural sense of sound and silence. Toward the end, they threw in some loud subsonic waves--ingenious and amusing with great timing. Bardo Pond, the middle act, did little for me--there's a thin line between "dreamy" and "nodding." The low-frequency feedback on the bass was interesting, but it turned out to be unintentional. GYBE themselves were very good--dramatic, emotionally wrenching, and driven by a righteous moral indignation as well as sadness... Movie music for the end of the age. No projections that night--their projectionist was ill with kidney stones--but the music itself was the p-st r-ck equivalent of Ennio Morricone for me, and was cinematic enough. And this was before I heard the CD. It was definitely a stage full of Montréalers, though--there were more people smoking onstage than in the audience...which shouldn't be a surprise, because it was a nonsmoking auditorium. Ah, culture...