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Music Consumption: Mike Watt
10/04/2000 Mike Watt: live

Mike Watt and the Pair of Pliers: Despite my Dos collection and 80s punk history, I've never seen the Watt live. I got a chance to correct it, though--what an amazing show. Tight band, great choice of tunes. The band rocked, swung, and went "out"--what more could you want? Faves: a great, Americanized cover of Wire's "the 15th," a spirited, rubbery "Little Johnny Jewel" and a mighty "Friction." Given the nature of "the illness", it's probably not surprising that he kept apologizing for being "weak," but from my spot in the audience, man--I couldn't see, hear, or feel any weakness going on. Mike and the band were giving strength to the audience. (I know this set gave me some much-needed spirit after a high-stress day.) "Now everyone go start your own band," sez Watt. This band will be touring again in the spring, and is not to be missed.