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Music Consumption: Silkworm
09/11/2000 Silkworm: live

Silkworm: As much as I've been listening to the quartet-era stuff, this is the first I've actually heard the trio...and I'm impressed. Very tight, strong, and they took whacks at the 93-94 stuff--"Garden City Blues," "Bloody Eyes," and a few others. Tim Midgett's tenor/baritone guitar playing is a great way to flesh out the trio sound, and Michael Dahlquist--one of the best unknown drummers in rock right now--was in fine form as well. The new tunes are great, and the new CD, Lifestyle, is an instant classic. Fave tunes: the Godard/Bardot homage "Contempt," the 2K slice-of-life "Wage Slave," Andy Cohen's affecting duet with Heather Whinna on "Treat the New Guy Right," his bitter "That's Entertainment," Tim's dark "Around the Outline" (sung by Michael), and two astonishing Tim Midgett tunes, "Raging Bull" and "Dead Air." Both of these short tunes could be inescapable radio staples. There's a great cover of the Small Faces' "Ooh La La" and an acoustic "The Bones." Overall, the atmosphere is a bemusement at the nature of life, love, and death, and an affirmation of the power of maturity both to accept and to rail against it all. Very well done, guys. One mistake on my part: arriving two songs from the end of the Karl Hendricks Trio set. In the trio format, Karl's got enough room to shine. The band was tight and energetic, and his guitar playing is rich, moving, and strong. I really should have gotten there earlier... I think he's busy being a parent at the moment, so there may not be plans afoot for a new record. But keep checking Merge...