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Music Consumption: The For Carnation
07/25/2000 The For Carnation: live

Touring in support of the self-titled full-length. Very subtle, reflective, atmospheric, and deeply entrancing, even as they were battling a lousy monitor mix. They managed to silence an entire bar. I don't think I've ever heard a six-piece play so sparsely. The dark, quiet CD is an achievement as well--all the creepy atmospherics of Slint, but more electronic and with less of a guitar presence. Brian McMahan's sticking to his lower-register voice these days, which contributes greatly to the gentle gloom. Mihaly, a local instrumental trio, turned in a very impressive set as well, with lots of textural two-handed tapping and math-rock time signatures. A CD should be out by now, but I haven't yet found a site for them.