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Music Consumption: Steely Dan
07/02/2000 Steely Dan: live

Really solid, enjoyable show. Tight band, good selection of tunes (although given the classics in the book, they were bound to leave out some favorites), excellent night. Highlights: hearing "Night by Night," a longtime favorite. They did a phenomenal "Hey Nineteen" with Becker providing some excellent soloing, and "The Royal Scam" felt exactly right, opening the tune for me in a new way. Well worthy of mention was the show-closing Larry Carlton homage--"Kid Charlemagne," "Peg," and "Don't Take Me Alive." Jon Herrington's 335 tone was really there, and he managed to pay proper tribute to those solos without aping them, but acknowledging them. I don't think lesser men would want to tackle these, particularly in a row. And it was nice to go out on "FM."

Everyone's a critic: there seemed to be a bit of a problem with the rhythm of the evening--not the timekeeping or drumming, but the flow of the set list. It seemed that when the show elevated, something seemed to take that finely-honed edge off. (The many-minute drum solo stomping all over the middle of "Josie"--very, uh, retro. Or the kinda rambling monologue to the audience in an otherwise mind-blowingly good "Hey Nineteen." The one female backup singer taking the lead for "Dirty Work"... I dunno, guys, just didn't do it for me.)