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Music Consumption: Lullaby Baxter
06/07/2000 Lullaby Baxter: Capable Egg

New treasure: Lullaby Baxter's Capable Egg. Brought to me by a Montreal friend, this one's totally charming and engaging. The lyrics are a big attractor for me--"surreal" would be an easy word to reach for, but it doesn't do her lyrics justice. They're strange, funny, and moving. (Sample: "I never meant to steal the ferris wheel/but you know flashing lights have a certain appeal.") The music has that accordian-based anachronistic feel that I'm a total sucker for (think gentler Tom Waits, and for good reason--the band is, pretty much, Oranj Symphonette), and Lullaby's a fine, understated vocalist. "Hopscotch" and "The Chatterbox Chronicles" grabbed me right away, and "Rooster in Love," "Mama (Should I Bake a Cherry Pie and Hide You Inside)," "Mr. Powder-Blue Breadbox," and "Ding-A-Ling" have been infiltrating my head as well. And the others are starting to take root, too. Get in on the ground floor, son, and pick this up.