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Music Consumption: Steely Dan
05/23/2000 Steely Dan: Two Against Nature

Steely Dan: Two Against Nature While a friend of mine put it well by calling their fascination with nubiles "more than a bit sad at their age" (thanks, Ray!), I've found this one growing on me in a big way. Sure it's all mid-tempo funk bop, and sure the snare has been Pro-Tooled into this weird crackly thing, but it's great to have them back. I've always loved Becker's solos on "Black Friday," "Bad Sneakers," and especially "Home at Last," and "Jack of Speed" is a worthy addition to the canon. "Janie Runaway" and "Almost Gothic" are still faves, and from there, the swank pleasures of the other tunes await. ("Negative Girl" is still a weak point of the disc for me--there's that weird structure to the chorus--but overall the disc is still a keeper.)