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Music Consumption: Steely Dan
03/27/2000 Steely Dan: Two Against Nature

Steely Dan's Two Against Nature -- Pitchfork's dislike of this notwithstanding, I've found it vastly enjoyable. On first listen, starting with "Gaslighting Abbie," I was just glad they weren't embarrassing themselves. But the horn arrangement at the end was promising, and "What a Shame about Me" was appropriately not-quite-bitter. The real standouts here, though, come in a string of three: "Janie Runaway" (kind of a "Hey Nineteen" with genuine affection, although there is that Becker twist going on in there), "Almost Gothic" (a song for swingin' adults), and "Jack of Speed" (truly great horn arrangement). With these three tunes, you've got enough justification for the price of the CD. The fact that there are other good ones on there, too--well, extra bonus.