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Music Consumption: random listening
03/27/2000 random listening: Spence, Steely Dan, Silkworm

Mental soundtrack of the weekend

Without access to CDs, I've found it curious what's getting played in my mind. The short list: Skip Spence's "Dixie Peach Promenade," "Broken Heart" (not that I have one, but rather the solemn giddiness [yep, you read that right] of some of the lines have lodged in my head), and particularly the movingly ethereal "All Come to Meet Her." If you don't have Oar, you're missing something really special.

For a while on Sunday, I was stuck with "Negative Girl," my least-favorite song from the new Steely Dan. That it's grown on me enough to stick, with its weirdly tricky repetitive chorus (which has generally seemed like a mistake to me, but it's got to be deliberate), is proof of, well, something. I'm actually coming to like it.

Another tune I once wasn't so fond of has taken up significant room in my psyche. As much of a Silkworm fanatic as I've become, Andy Cohen's songs have generally eluded me--I think his often embittered cynicism has for the most part put me off, particularly because some of the songs have been pretty catchy. "Grotto of Miracles" from Libertine gave me some resistance because the lyrics are about as snide and self-loathing as they come, but all three solos (particularly the last), and the final chords are positively stunning. Taking the beauty of the music together with the self-loathing lyrics, I'd have to say the internal tragedy of this song has really grabbed me (not that I'm doing any self-loathing, however). For as busy and arguably up of a weekend as I've had, when Monday came around, this was on my brain in a big way, in yet another layer of irony, in kind of a cynical disbelief of apparent good fortune (which later turned out to be justified). And if you're stuck in the self-loathing, check out Tim Midgett's "Cotton Girl" immediately after it, a glorious drunken pop love song in hard-hitting punk clothes.