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Music Consumption: We Are Vikings
01/16/2000 We Are Vikings: We Are Vikings

We Are Vikings - We Are Vikings. This is an extreme current favorite. These college kids from Harrisonburg, Virginia, are pretty damned impressive. Very poppy songs with--can you believe it?--vocal harmonies. Live, they're like a power Moby Grape without the soloing. Only two of them appear on the CD, and at times the performances are hesitant or slightly shaky, but the songs are there, which is what counts. I saw them among the opening bands at the recent Papa M show, and they were very good. The drummer and bassist were solid, the amps were cranked up gloriously, and the addition of a local singer as an additional vocalist thickened the harmonies to a striking fullness. If you look at their site, there's a link to IUMA, where they have some downloadable tunes from the CD. Check these guys out before they get huge or get soul-grinding jobs.