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Music Consumption: Silkworm
09/10/1999 Silkworm: Libertine

Silkworm's Libertine rounds out my Phelps-era Silkworm collection. Once again, I can't say the Cohen tunes are quite doing it for me, although "Warsaw" is a good lead-off track. Tim Midgett's tunes are really good on this one--fulfilling the promise of "Garden City Blues" and "Enough Is Enough" from In the West. His standouts here are "Couldn't You Wait," and "Bloody Eyes." The Phelps tunes are excruciatingly moving--the stories of weepers in the audience seem pretty credible. His string of three in a row move from remorse to sadness to a kind of existential rejection. Good stuff, and not nearly as hard to find as I keep hearing it is.