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Music Consumption: Spiro Agnew
08/08/1999 Spiro Agnew: Spiro Agnew Speaks

By all reasonable end-of-the-century expectations, this would be a punk album, but no, it's the real item--ol' Spiro Agnew himself, speaking out on the state of America as he or his equally misguided speechwriters saw it. Perhaps most frightening, besides the lousy mastering job, is the first track on side two, "Some Examples of the Vice President's Wit," which has that particularly mortifying quality of trying to be funny and not even being laughable. I'm sure there're some gems (and possibly some germs) in here, but I'm hesitant to give up 40 minutes of my time trying to find them. $7, with flexidisc. What does it mean that this is more expensive than the Dylan?