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Music Consumption: Television
07/15/1999 Television: The Blow-Up

I've been listening intensively to the re-issued semi-official Television bootleg, The Blow-Up. Extremely impressive performances--"Little Johnny Jewel" is the most engaging version I've heard, and the playing is red-hot throughout, with perhaps a few moments of uncertainty. Richard Lloyd shines in several tunes, particularly the famous moment during the cover of "Satisfaction" when he detunes his low E all the way and wraps it around the back of the neck. Tom Verlaine's playing is excellent on these tunes, and perhaps the only complaints I can think of are the omission of "Poor Circulation," which was played at the show, and the odd sound quality--sure, it was originally a bootleg, but couldn't they have done something about the random tape his dropping in and out of "Elevation"? In any event, you won't be disappointed. You can get it "here".