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Music Consumption: Richard Lloyd
04/25/1999 Richard Lloyd

Speaking of Richard Lloyd, it turns out that this excellent guitarist is gigging regularly, with his own band, solo, and with Bibi Farber, a new guitar and songwriting talent. Haven't checked out her work yet, but it's on the list. I did, however, manage to pick up a copy of Richard's first solo LP, "Alchemy." It's way out of print, and I don't think it's been reissued on CD, except maybe in Europe. It's very good, of a piece with his later solo stuff. I do, however, find the synth lines kind of distracting, and IIRC they're happily absent on "Field of Fire" and "Real Time." His playing is good throughout, but my memory tells me that it's showcased somewhat more on the later two LPs. Gotta pull them and put them on. Word is that he's working on some new stuff, recording at home. I'll probably trumpet it here when it is released.