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Music Consumption: Television
03/07/1999 Television: live

I've been listening a lot to some live recordings of Television from 1976, which are fantastic. It's not quite official-release quality, but it's not much noisier than the Velvet Underground's Live at Max's. I'll note up front that these weren't authorized, but I didn't purchase them anywhere--they were sent to me through the kindness of someone who had them. I wouldn't recommend trying to buy any bootlegs, but The Blow-Up, a now-official live set, has just been rereleased by ROIR, so f you buy it, your money does go to the band, where it should. According to Steve Rovner's bootleg discography, this performance is the same one from a bunch of different bootlegs, so you're best off buying this one. I don't have it yet, but I've consistently heard that it's amazing.