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01/10/1999 John Coltrane: 1961 Complete Village Vanguard Recordings

John Coltrane: "1961 Complete Village Vanguard Recordings"

I'd been aiming to get this for a while, having heard some selections from the original Village Vanguard recordings. I"m still processing all this--these are, apparently, all the recordings from these performances, and the differences range from subtle to mind-blowing. The subtle differences are in the various versions of "Spiritual"--with the exception of length, which varies widely--and the mind-blowing are in the case of "Chasin' the Trane" which reaches its pinnacle with the originally released version on Disc 3. Coltrane said, "I used to listen to it and wonder what happened to me." Particularly interesting on these are the contributions of Eric Dolphy. For my money, what he does to "Spiritual" is well worth the price of admission.