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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
04/01/2009 Quick Takes

I have determined that it's all about the On The Corner Sessions today.

03/24/2009 Quick Takes

Drinking coffee, starting the work day, and listening to the Furbies singing, each to each.

03/23/2009 Quick Takes

I'm in kind of a Squarepusher space today

03/10/2009 Quick Takes

It's an On The Corner Sessions day

03/10/2009 Quick Takes

Thanks to Jodi for encouraging a Morton Feldman kind of day

03/06/2009 Quick Takes

Cranking up Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus.

02/28/2009 Quick Takes

I wonder what Damo Suzuki's auctioning off beginning at 6:40 in "Peking O."

02/26/2009 Quick Takes

points out that James Gyre's video post has turned this into a Can day.

02/25/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Sun City Girls day.

02/23/2009 Quick Takes

I ask: James Tenney or the Bar-Kays? And wonder what both would sound like together.

02/20/2009 Quick Takes

Abdullah Chmairan's guitar playing absolutely melts/slays in this video (though you can barely see him, if at all). A Moroccan wedding musician is now on my list of favorite players. More info in this travelogue here: http://blastitude.com/27/#morocco

dance sahrawi . Man . Guelmim

01/21/2009 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Merzbow while programming

12/16/2008 Quick Takes

Feedback drones today

12/15/2008 Quick Takes

It's all Basement Tapes today

11/23/2008 Quick Takes

I'm all about Pere Ubu's "Babylonian Warehouses"

11/21/2008 Quick Takes

I'm all Meat Puppets II today.

11/15/2008 PHP/mySQL: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra

I built an online ticket-generating system for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra, which lets visitors download and print dynamically generated PDFs of tickets to the PYSO's free events. It's more convenient than their previous system, and offers significant savings over having to mail them out. This was a PHP/mySQL project in CodeIgniter, also involving the FPDF library for the PDF output.

09/10/2008 Quick Takes

I'm coding and listening to Om on repeat

07/16/2008 Quick Takes

I'm seriously enamored of Earth's "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull."

07/06/2008 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Morton Feldman (notably "Coptic Light," "Crippled Symmetry," the Rothko Chapel, and "Patterns in a Chromatic Field")