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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
07/22/2009 Quick Takes

I have accepted The Jesus Lizard as my personal soundtrack.

07/17/2009 Quick Takes

Studio dialogue. False start. Fragment. Studio dialogue. Fragment. False start. Take 27. Studio dialogue. Fragment. False start. Studio dialogue. Take 28.

07/16/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having another Sun City Girls day.

07/14/2009 Silkworm

I remember Michael Dahlquist, John Glick, and Doug Meis.

07/13/2009 Quick Takes

While it is indeed July, this morning it's Easter Everywhere.

07/09/2009 Quick Takes

I'm trying to decide: Cellar Door Sessions, Get Up With It, In a Silent Way, or the In a Silent Way Sessions?

06/25/2009 Quick Takes

I'm thinking that when Neu! 75 is over, it's time for Shorty's Thumb Days.

06/17/2009 Quick Takes

I'm happily listening to the new Polvo advance single!

New Polvo From Merge Every Bit As Good As Expected…Listen To The Album’s First Track! | Make Major M

06/16/2009 Quick Takes

RIP, Bob Bogle. Happy surfing in the hereafter.

06/15/2009 Quick Takes

The song of the day. It's working for me, anyway.

Shorty - "Coopie N' Me"

06/01/2009 Quick Takes

I have fired up Robert Quine and Fred Maher's LP Basic. RIP, RQ.

05/27/2009 Quick Takes

I have found that it's turned into a Gong afternoon.

05/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the drone.

04/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the Band of Susans version of "Guitar Trio" this afternoon.

04/07/2009 Quick Takes

I'm debating: Birthday Party live, or more minimalism? And is "more minimalism" a kind of oxymoron?

04/06/2009 Quick Takes

I'm watching this, wherein Jandek brings the funk/skronk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLwiYpSTFE

04/06/2009 Quick Takes

It's time for Branca's Symphony No. 5.

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

Some days, what you really need is The Jesus Lizard.

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

I'm now all about Kraftwerk/Organisation's Tone Float.

04/02/2009 Quick Takes

I'm still in this On The Corner mode.