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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
11/10/2009 Quick Takes

Started with Friends of Dean Martinez -> The Birthday Party -> The Jesus Lizard -> Earth -> Beefheart today, getting the highest productivity with TJL and Beefheart.

11/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm a longtime customer of the Heavenly Music Corporation.

11/02/2009 Quick Takes

I'm probably the only person in town to go to work with a bag of Jandek CDs.

10/30/2009 Quick Takes

Stooges' Fun House, or Birthday Party Live 81-82?

10/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm taking in the morning SunnO))).

10/02/2009 Quick Takes

Some days only SKWM's Developer will do it.

10/01/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Popol Vuh -> Kraftwerk 1 kind of day so far.

09/23/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having a SunnO))) GrimmRobes Live '08 morning.

09/09/2009 Quick Takes

Here's one for a friend who's on a Fairport Convention kick today.

Fairport Convention "Now Be Thankful"

08/28/2009 Quick Takes

I'm visiting Doc at the Radar Station.

08/28/2009 Quick Takes

I'm it all that wrong to be listening to U.S. Maple this early in the morning?

08/26/2009 Quick Takes

I'm still all about listening to Neu! this morning.

08/25/2009 Modern Art: Monumental Work

I would love to see Michael Heizer's City in my lifetime. From what little that's leaked out, it seems like no other work I know. While very few images are available, and he'd really rather not want you on his land (as these art-tourists found), there's a satellite image, there's a good profile from the New York Times, and some other images have shown up here. During the reign of Bush and Cheney, City's site came under threat from the proposed rail link to carry radioactive waste to Yucca Mountain, but the economic downturn may have saved it, with the Yucca Mountain project being scaled back.

08/25/2009 Quick Takes


Guitar Blog: 70s Jolana Star X

08/25/2009 Quick Takes

Can't stop listening to Neu!'s "Seeland" on repeat.

08/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm glad to have seen Les Paul once at Iridium. RIP

08/11/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having an Afghani folk music kind of morning. (Le rubâb de Hérat)

07/28/2009 Quick Takes

Y. Bhekhirst tells me that "it's hot in the airport." (h/t WFMU)

07/27/2009 Quick Takes

I'm beginning the day with some Deep Listening.