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Music Consumption: U.S. Maple
01/27/2010 U.S. Maple

Some mornings just require U.S. Maple. Or at least mine do.

U.S. Maple -- "Open A Rose" -- Live

01/22/2010 Quick Takes

It's a Skip Spence morning.

01/21/2010 Quick Takes

Look out honey, 'cause I'm usin' technology.

01/20/2010 Quick Takes

I'm all about Sun Araw's Beach Head right now.

01/14/2010 Quick Takes

Another Ege Bamyasi morning.

01/13/2010 Quick Takes

Mental soundtrack: Maserati's "12/16." RIP, Jerry. Those one-armed fills still blow my mind.

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

I misread the track listings in iTunes, and thought for a moment that the band Shorty had, like Shooby Taylor, done a version of "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

Ege Bamyasi

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

The King Tubby-to-Autechre transition was a bit jarring, but seems kind of natural now.

12/23/2009 Quick Takes

Morning bus soundtrack: Dirty Three's "I Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night." Up next: either something from Friends of Dean Martinez or Tonight's the Night-era Neil Young.

I'm not as bad off as this sounds, really.

12/23/2009 Quick Takes

It wouldn't be Christmas without The ECC's The Christmas Wrong.

12/22/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Band of Susans morning.

12/10/2009 Quick Takes

Torch of the Mystics

12/10/2009 Quick Takes

I was going to type "Hallo, Gallo" as a status update, but then most people would think I'm either drinking jug wine way too early, or hanging out with Vincent Gallo, instead of listening to Neu!, which is what I'm really doing.

12/02/2009 U.S. Maple

It's still all about Acre Thrills. And the other week, a number of early-morning dreams were nonexistent Shorty videos. Perhaps "The State Is Bad," but "Rice Ain't Afraid of Nothing."

12/01/2009 U.S. Maple

This afternoon, it's Acre Thrills.

11/25/2009 Quick Takes

Kraftwerk, Bremen, 1971. If you haven't heard it, it's not what you'd expect.

11/24/2009 Quick Takes

Tamburas at 120 Hz, 90 Hz, and 60 Hz.

11/19/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Can morning. So yes, we Can.

11/17/2009 Quick Takes

Subrig Destroyer is having a markedly positive effect on my day.