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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
04/06/2010 Quick Takes

Oh, man. I do love me some vocoded vocals.

Sam Anderson on 'How to Wreck a Nice Beach: the Vocoder From World War II to Hip-Hop, the Machine Sp

03/26/2010 Quick Takes

Tonight there'll be ice cream...ice cream for crow.

03/26/2010 Quick Takes

"Moonlight on Vermont"

03/23/2010 Quick Takes

Somehow, this became a morning for Miles's Agharta

03/17/2010 Quick Takes

Another great talent gone: RIP Alex Chilton. Thanks for the thrilling, beautiful, harrowing music.

03/17/2010 Quick Takes

Thoughts go by steam.

03/16/2010 Quick Takes

I'm at the moment all about the fine rock music of Bottomless Pit.

03/11/2010 Quick Takes

A fine balance of happy/sad. Hello, sun. Bye, Mark.

Sparklehorse - "sunshine"

03/08/2010 Quick Takes

I strongly recommend the glorious end section of the song "Italy," if you need some uplifting. For those of sensitive or easily-offended constitutions, try to look past the band name.


03/07/2010 Quick Takes

R.I.P., Mark Linkous.

02/24/2010 Quick Takes

This feels like a morning for La Monte Young's Well-Tuned Piano.

02/23/2010 U.S. Maple

That moment in U.S. Maple's "Hey King" where the Rock starts? Yeah, that.

02/22/2010 Quick Takes

Meta-hodos, or meta-meta-hodos?

02/19/2010 Quick Takes

Good Morning, Spider.

02/15/2010 Quick Takes

Cluster '71 and Cluster II

02/11/2010 Quick Takes


Neu! - Hallogallo

02/05/2010 Quick Takes

Turning out to be a Riverside-era Thelonious Monk morning.

02/03/2010 Quick Takes

This afternoon, it's all about Slates(uh).

02/01/2010 Quick Takes

This is turning out to be an In a Silent Way Sessions day.

01/29/2010 Quick Takes

If you haven't heard this Maserati show, you should:
R.I.P., Jerry, you incredible musician.