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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
07/26/2010 Quick Takes

Recent playlist: Live Skull, Come, Uzi. Looks like I'm in a Thalia Zedek phase.

07/13/2010 Quick Takes

The song of the morning. New full-length out soon.

Dogtag by Bottomless Pit

07/09/2010 Quick Takes

I'm still all about Live Skull's Positraction.

07/07/2010 Quick Takes

I'm having a Live Skull morning. That band deserved better than they got.

07/06/2010 Quick Takes

An afternoon for Live Skull. (Anyone remember them besides me?)

06/29/2010 Quick Takes

"Joe the Lion" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtQ3JLF9lYI

06/22/2010 Quick Takes

I'm all about Papa M's "Up North Kids" this morning.

06/16/2010 Quick Takes

The boys and I sing this a lot. Except we just sing the chorus, and we sing it as "Underpaaaaaaants!"

John Foxx - Underpass hd ( Official Promo )

05/18/2010 Aphex Twin

New, beautiful, jaw-dropping performance from a festival in Metz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnVRp6SXSk4

05/14/2010 Quick Takes

I'm rebooting the afternoon with That Petrol Emotion's fine Manic Pop Thrill.

05/13/2010 Quick Takes

It's a morning for Keith Fullerton Whitman's Playthroughs.

04/30/2010 Quick Takes

I have determined that this is a morning for Chrome.

04/29/2010 Quick Takes

Sure listening to a lot of U.S. Maple these days.

04/22/2010 Quick Takes

"OK. S-see, there was this...and, a-and tha... Never mind. Forget it--you wouldn't understand anyway."

04/22/2010 Quick Takes

Whaddya know, another Metal Box morning.

04/21/2010 Quick Takes

This morning it's suddenly all about last month's Autechre webcast.

04/20/2010 Quick Takes

It's a Metal Box afternoon.

04/16/2010 Quick Takes

"Spring always sighed, Summer had to be satisfied, and Fall's a feeling that I just can't lose."

04/12/2010 Quick Takes

Speechless. (Fred Frith's Speechless, that is.)