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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
12/09/2010 Quick Takes

Neil Young - Guitar Solo 5 (pt.1)

12/08/2010 Quick Takes

A bit late in the year, but still a fantastic piece of music.

indian summer.wmv

12/03/2010 Quick Takes

Listening to this now. If you have an iPhone, you should snag this. (And the iPad version gives you six simultaneously!)

MATRIXSYNTH: Buddha Machine for iPhone is Free for Next Three Days

11/24/2010 Quick Takes

In a major Feldman phase, so I just ordered this.

ROIR: Morton Feldman

11/22/2010 Quick Takes

The stretch of pages 42-58 of Morton Feldman's Trio is really happening. Right now, this is my pop music.

11/17/2010 Quick Takes

I somehow went from listening to The Gary's Logan to Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston.

11/16/2010 Quick Takes

Everything is happening.

Come - Yr Reign

11/12/2010 Quick Takes

That was one great evening of fine American rock music, courtesy of the Karl Hendricks Trio, Black Helicopter, and Bottomless Pit. Boston, get out to tonight's show. (Bonus item: BP kept Random Weird Hat Guy outside dancing his bizarre acid dance throughout the whole set.)

11/09/2010 Quick Takes

Cluster's "Oh Odessa" was a huge hit with the boys this morning.

11/07/2010 Quick Takes

I'm loading up the iPod with Cluster, Neu!, and Harmonia. I sense a theme.

10/26/2010 U.S. Maple

Acre Thrills.

10/25/2010 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Erkin Koray's Elektronik Turkuler.

10/24/2010 Quick Takes

Now it's a night for SKWM's Developer.

10/24/2010 Quick Takes


10/13/2010 Quick Takes

Be sure to get your RDA of Chrome.

Chrome - T.V. As Eyes

10/08/2010 Television

Television's version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" from the 12/29/76 CB's show. This one owns the song now.

10/05/2010 Quick Takes

Then slowly turn...

Joel R. L. Phelps & The Downer Trio - 'Then Slowly Turn'

10/04/2010 Quick Takes

Here's how the day starts.

Alexander 'Skip' Spence - Little Hands

09/29/2010 Quick Takes

An afternoon for the Cellar Door Sessions.

The Cellar Door Sessions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

09/28/2010 Quick Takes

Just relax, just relax, just relax.

Come - Submerge - on Dailymotion