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Music Consumption: Quick Takes
02/18/2011 Quick Takes

Somehow, it just became absolutely essential that I listen to this. Maybe the same is true for you. On The Corner - Miles Davis - Pandora Internet Radio

02/14/2011 Quick Takes

Here comes the SunnO))).

Southern Shelter » Sunn O)))

02/10/2011 Quick Takes

Branca, Symphony No. 5, 6th Movement.

Glenn Branca - Symphony 5 (live @ the Kitchen) PART 1

02/10/2011 Chrome

Alien Soundtracks. Half Machine Lip Moves.

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

This is a perfect morning for Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail.

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

Now it's time for The Jesus Lizard.

02/07/2011 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Stockhausen's Mikrophonie. It's like being in a concert hall with six judgemental ducks.

02/03/2011 Quick Takes

Who did this to us?

The For Carnation - Moonbeams

01/26/2011 Quick Takes

I'm all about Chris Brokaw's "Dresden Promenade." Both versions slay.

01/20/2011 Quick Takes

Commuting music: Arcane Device, Engines of Myth.

01/19/2011 Quick Takes

Listening to Bahram Mansurov, tar player from Azerbaijan.

01/18/2011 Quick Takes

Shaping up to be a Sonny day.

Sonny Sharrock - "Who Does She Hope to Be?"

01/15/2011 Quick Takes

Out with the boys. Driving soundtrack: Meet the Residents.

01/13/2011 Quick Takes

Rockin' the Stockhausen for the morning commute.

01/04/2011 Quick Takes

Mind-blowingly beautiful music for Tuesday afternoon.

Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L'acrime di rei)

01/03/2011 Quick Takes

just can't stop listening to the In a Silent Way sessions.

12/21/2010 Quick Takes

"I'll take both of *you* on! I'll take both of *you* on!"

The Fall - Winter - Peel Session

12/19/2010 Quick Takes

All this time, we were standing at the finish line.

Come - Finish Line

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

Bert Jansch: transcendent. Pegi Young Band: very good. A great show in a great room.

No Neil; I have heard that he objected to a certain audience member's derogatory use of Lanois's phrase "I got in there with my sonics." still, a fine evening.

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

RIP, Captain Beefheart, difficult, cantankerous, impossible-to-work-for, sublime weirdo bluesman.

Captain Beefheart dies at 69 | EW.com