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Music Consumption: Jandek
08/08/2010 Jandek

I'm doing the time warp with Pittsburgh Thursday. It's a good one; be on the lookout for this when it emerges.

08/07/2010 Jandek

I'm not entirely surprised that over two and a half hours, two different audio programs reveal their differences, but is disappointed that the differences are so great. Fortunately, Live offers warping.

08/05/2010 Jandek

I'm not, in fact, playing tonight, but I'm here recording. So that's a thing.

08/04/2010 Jandek

And here it is. I, source of pull-quotes. (There are inaccuracies here and there, but minor ones.)

Reclusive outsider musician Jandek performs at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts - Music - Music Fe