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Music Consumption: U.S. Maple
10/26/2010 U.S. Maple

Acre Thrills.

02/23/2010 U.S. Maple

That moment in U.S. Maple's "Hey King" where the Rock starts? Yeah, that.

01/27/2010 U.S. Maple

Some mornings just require U.S. Maple. Or at least mine do.

U.S. Maple -- "Open A Rose" -- Live

12/02/2009 U.S. Maple

It's still all about Acre Thrills. And the other week, a number of early-morning dreams were nonexistent Shorty videos. Perhaps "The State Is Bad," but "Rice Ain't Afraid of Nothing."

12/01/2009 U.S. Maple

This afternoon, it's Acre Thrills.