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Music Consumption: Patti Smith
07/11/2000 Patti Smith: live

She began the set reading "Piss Factory" and spitting on the carpet. She ended the set with a stirring medly of the early three-chord tunes and the power of the Word. I got chills. While the newer stuff didn't move me as much as the older stuff (apart from "Gung Ho") and I really couldn't tell what Oliver was contributing to the band, it was great to hear Lenny and Jay in fine form, and Patti herself got hold of some serious Beat religion. Stirring. Now if the next CD has some of that spirit....

05/02/1998 Patti Smith: Horses

Also still listening to Patti Smith's Horses.

03/09/1998 Patti Smith: Horses

Patti Smith's Horses

Her description of this as "Three chords and the power of the word" fits. From the ecstatic lesbian "Gloria" (yup, that "Gloria") to the desperate gutter dreaming of "Free Money" to the creepy striving transformation of "Birdland" and "Land" (a surreal sexual awakening, "10 Bulls"-like Zen story set to--you guessed it--"Land of a Thousand Dances") this is clearly a woman to be reckoned with. Do you know how to pony? Compare this to just about any other major label release in '75. It spins in your mind long after you've turned off the stereo.

03/09/1998 Patti Smith: Gone Again

Gone Again is also worth checking out (and also features Tom Verlaine on a couple tracks).