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Music Consumption: Bedhead
12/18/1999 Bedhead: Beheaded

I've become greatly attached to the mighty Bedhead's Beheaded, which has a very engaging atmosphere and shows some evidence of the greatness of Transaction de Novo. In a couple places, I wonder about the musical choices, but the brilliance is obvious.

09/10/1999 Bedhead: Transaction de Novo

And I've been listening to Bedhead again. As a friend of mine put it, sometimes when a band breaks up, the injustice of it all is infuriating--so many lousy bands persist while so many good ones call it quits. Go figure.

09/30/1998 Bedhead: Transaction de Novo

Also got Bedhead's Transaction de Novo. Excellent and appropriately dreamy. I've had to perform some difficult mental tasks over the last several days, and this has helped my concentration immensely. The kinds of sounds they got with three guitars are particularly impressive--ranging from layers of noise to piano-string clarity. Shame they broke up.

08/14/1998 Bedhead

I'd heard good things about Bedhead, and was thrilled by the song available from Southern. It's from their last CD, Transaction de Novo. I hadn't been so sure of them after hearing an excerpt from a review site, but they were good. There's a Bedhead site at "http://www.brainwashed.com", apparently the official site, which indicates that they broke up almost two weeks ago.