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Music Consumption: Naked City
05/23/2000 Naked City: live

Some live recordings of John Zorn's Naked City have come my way and have thoroughly blown my mind. If he ever releases these officially, I'm first in line to pick 'em up. It's gotten me through the last several 100+ hour weeks.

08/08/1999 Naked City: Naked City

Inevitably, I picked this up. I needed the aggressive quick-change stuff, with the intense screaming from Yamatsuka Eye, with equal screaming from Zorn's sax. Once again, I'm enjoying Frisell's work with this group, even as his solo stuff doesn't quite scan for me. As I observed on a mailing list I subscribe to, it took me years to see the light about Quine, so maybe I'll come around to Frisell's thing sometime. It's obvious that he's a really good player; there's just something about his tone and style that doesn't do it for me. But with Naked City, when he lets rip, it's good. Highlights are "You Will Be Shot," the "Sicilian Clan" cover, "Snagglepuss," "A Shot in the Dark" (dig the way they torture the tune for a minute before delivery), "I Want to Live," "Lonely Woman," "NY Flat-top Box," the noisy stuff in the middle, and "Inside Straight." So sure, it's noise and I love it. You got a problem with that?

01/10/1999 Naked City: Absinthe

Naked City (with John Zorn): Absinthe

Some beautiful, disturbing ambience from the purveyors of usually brutally punishing noise. I found this used, resold by, I'd guess, a fan of the brutal stuff. It's not the Naked City you know, but the Naked City you don't.... It was pretty inspiring to me, however. It's interesting that the only time I can get into Bill Frisell is when he's playing in Zorn's environment.